Yellow Polka - Bowtie
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Yellow Polka - Bowtie

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Small: approx. 3" wide
Medium: approx. 4" wide
Large: approx. 5" wide

You can add a name or an initial, please put the information in the personalisation box, including a colour choice if you have one! If you put a name in this box but have not selected the 'add name' option, your name will not be added so please make sure you select the right option.

  • Elastic fastening = two strips of elastic sewn to the bow and the collar slips through
  • Velcro fastening = strip of double sided velcro attached to the bow - easily put on and taken off without removing the collar 
  • Hairclip fastening = alligator clip attached to the bow, easily clipped into long fur

Do not iron or machine wash, hand wash gently or spot clean.

Everything is carefully hand made with love and attention!

      Sailor Bow sizing:

      Small: approx. 4" wide
      Medium: approx. 5.5" wide
      Large: approx. 7" wide

      Tie On Bandana sizing:

      Mini: Up to 10" neck
      Small: Up to 13" neck
      Medium: Up to 16" neck
      Large: Up to 20" neck

      Over The Collar Bandana sizing:

      Mini: 4.5" length, 3.5" drop, 1" collar gap
      Small: 7" length, 5" drop, 1.5" collar gap
      Medium: 9.5" length, 6.5" drop, 1.5" collar gap
      Large: 12" length, 8.5" drop, 2" collar gap

      Bow Tie sizing:

      Small: approx. 3" wide
      Medium: approx. 4" wide 
      Large: approx. 5" wide

      Please measure your floofsters neck correctly! If you're unsure, always go up a size! All our items are made in a home office and some slight variation between similar products may occur.




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