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Funky Floof

Waterproof Lead

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These waterproof, stinkproof, wipe clean leads are perfect for those floofsters who LOVE to get a bit wet or muddy! You are able to fully customise your lead, with a choice of colours for the main strap and for the hardware. 

This waterproof webbing is a great alternative to leather as it has all the benefits of being wipe clean and stinkproof, but is completely cruelty free!

All leads are made with a 20mm thickness and can be either 2.5ft/80cm or 4ft/1.2m or 6ft/1.8m long. You can choose either a fixed D ring or a loose O ring at the handle end, to attach a pooch pouch, your keys or to secure the lead around your neck when your pooch runs free!

Disclaimer: Even though these have been tried and tested, I do not recommend them to be the only restraint on a dog, I fully recommend a harness on a pulling dog. Please check for wear and tear before and after every use, as no item is fully indestructible!

Funky Floof cannot be held liable for any injury sustained during the use or misuse of our products.