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Seatbelt Lead

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"Waffle get off me, I'm driving"

"Waffle, sit down!"

"Waffle, stop chewing that!"

Not sure about you, but these are the top three phrases said in my car 🤣 It's also a legal requirement in the UK to restrain your dog whilst in the car, using either a seatbelt lead, a crate or any other ways. Here's a great way to keep your dog and yourself safe in the car!

Waffle has chewed through numerous fabric seatbelt leads whilst in the car, but after a few weeks of testing these biothane leads, he can't chew through it and just leaves it alone! Hallelujah! 

Available in six different colours, and with silver hardware! Waterproof, easily cleaned and with a super-high break point, these seatbelt leads are perfect for your road trip, or even when you need to throw the dog in the car quickly and rush to the pet store because you're out of treatos!!

This seatbelt is made from 20mm thick waterproof webbing and is at a 60cm/24" length. If you would like a shorter length, please get in touch and let me know at the time of your order!

Please make sure to attach this seatbelt lead to a harness! Attaching it to a collar can be fatal and snap your dogs neck in an accident! PLEASE be safe and use a harness!

This seatbelt will not keep your dog 100% safe in an accident, but it will keep them from causing distractions whilst driving. 

Sailor Bow sizing:

Small: approx. 4" wide
Medium: approx. 5.5" wide
Large: approx. 7" wide

Tie On Bandana sizing:

Mini: Up to 10" neck
Small: Up to 13" neck
Medium: Up to 16" neck
Large: Up to 20" neck

Over The Collar Bandana sizing:

Mini: 4.5" length, 3.5" drop, 1" collar gap
Small: 7" length, 5" drop, 1.5" collar gap
Medium: 9.5" length, 6.5" drop, 1.5" collar gap
Large: 12" length, 8.5" drop, 2" collar gap

Bow Tie sizing:

Small: approx. 3" wide
Medium: approx. 4" wide 
Large: approx. 5" wide

Please measure your floofsters neck correctly! If you're unsure, always go up a size! All our items are made in a home office and some slight variation between similar products may occur.




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